Трънчо с нова опаковка

Драги приятели, Щастливи сме да Ви съобщим, че нашите продукти се сдобиха с нова транспортна опаковка. Read more

Benefits of milk thistle

The benefits of milk thistle have long been recognized by people with liver disease and it has become the gold standard in liver medicines. Milk thistle is extremely useful and can be used by a wide range Read more

Oil from milk thistle

Milk thistle oil is obtained from its seeds during the cold pressing process. It also purifies and heals the liver, suitable for anyone living in a polluted environment, consuming alcohol, cigarettes, medicines, pesticides and toxins. Oil helps regeneration, Read more

Seed from milk thistle

Milk thistle seeds contain a bioflavonoid complex known as silymarin. It is the main active substance in them and is the only one recognized by medicine as a natural hepatoprotector. Clinical and chemical studies indicate that the administration of milk thistle Read more

Milk thistle meal / flour

The milk thistle mousse is a medicinal product that will completely direct you to natural medicine with its proven healing properties. Our herb hood has a high silymarin content (according to pharmacy requirements, the content is over 4% - approx. Read more