Масло от Бял трън – Филтрирано

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40.00 лв.

Milk Thistle Oil - Filtered

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Content: 30% particles, 70% oil.

Package: 1000 ml

The idea of ​​this product is to combine the beneficial ingredients of oil and flour into one. The product can be taken for both prophylaxis (1-2 tablespoons per day) and treatment (3-4 tablespoons per day). It has an interesting taste of the combination of seed and a gentle aroma of oil. It can be added to foods (without heat treatment) and salads.

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Weight 1.6 kg

1000 ml

2 reviews for Масло от Бял трън – Филтрирано

  1. Galin


  2. А. Димов

    Страхотен продукт! Чувствам подобрение след 1 месец употреба. Имам енергия през целия ден и дори успях да сваля 5 килограма. Веднага направих и втора поръчка…

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